TU/e turns red, white and blue for 4 and 5 May

How do you commemorate victims of war and celebrate your freedom during a lockdown? Liberation040 took it upon itself to organize activities this year, so that the important dates of 4 and 5 May won’t pass by unnoticed. Activities include an online lecture on war hero Jan Zwartendijk, and visitors can see how the TU/e logo turns red, white and blue.

photo Liberation040

For a number of years now, Liberation040 has been organizing Eindhoven’s liberation festival on 18 September. On that day in 1944, allied armies liberated Eindhoven. The festival is organized by students who aren’t just responsible for the festival in September, but also for the activities during Remembrance Day (4 May) and Liberation Day (5 May). That may sound a bit confusing since most cities hold their liberation festivals on 5 May, the day when the occupation ended for the entire country in 1945.

Jan Zwartendijk

There will be activities on 4 and 5 May this year as well, during which TU/e will also present itself. The logo on Vertigo is going to take on the colors of the Dutch flag during those days. Liberation040 also plans to set up a stand near MetaForum with several activities where it will welcome those present on the campus. The plan still awaits approval from TU/e. Visitors can also attend an online lecture free of charge in keeping with the university’s lustrum theme ‘Heroes.’ That lecture, on war hero Jan Zwartendijk, will take place on 4 May in cooperation with Studium Generale. Eline Bossers, who is in charge of promotional activities for Liberation040, wholeheartedly recommends the lecture: “I saw an exposition on Zwartendijk in the Philips museum, and it was really very interesting.”

Other activities, apart from those on the TU/e terrain, include educational activities at schools, a wreath drawing on the 18 September square, and the towers on Strijp-T turning red, white and blue, adorned with orange flames. Youngsters can take part in a DJ contest, for which the promo starts soon. The winner gets to perform during the Eindhoven liberation festival on 18 September.

Look ahead

When the students responsible for Liberation040 look ahead to 18 September, they are hopeful: “We also managed to organize the festival last year, albeit in an alternative form and at a different location (Town hall square instead of 18 September square), with a large terrace, artists on the podium, expositions and the veterans,” Bossers says. “We just couldn’t allow the same number of people as usual to attend due to the measures. We expect that the festival can once again take place this year. We prefer to return to our regular location, the 18 September square. We want to open the terrace in the afternoon in any event this year, because that was a success. And if possible, the normal festival will follow in the evening. If that isn’t possible, we’ll keep the terrain a terrace all day.”

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