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Joep Huiskamp knighted for contribution to student city Eindhoven

At the opening of the Gift Shop on the campus yesterday, policy officer Joep Huiskamp received a double surprise. First, he was given a minute and a half to shop for free at the temporary campus store. Then, he was appointed Knight of the Order of Oranje-Nassau.

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Suspecting nothing, Joep Huiskamp arrived on the campus yesterday to officially open the temporary Gift Shop. When he opened the store door, gift wrapped for the occasion, he was surprised to see councilor Stijn Steenbakkers standing there. In honor of Huiskamp's sixty-fifth birthday, Steenbakkers sent Huiskamp into the Christmas market to spend 90 seconds shopping for free. The birthday boy was so overwhelmed that he did not immediately recognize his partner, who as part of the surprise was staffing the checkout counter.

The birthday celebration turned out to be a ruse for a bigger plan.

Huiskamp's partner took him to the canteen for the official event that was the real business of the day: his decoration as Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau. The royal decoration was bestowed on Huiskamp, said the councilor, for his role in transforming Eindhoven into a student city. Owing to the corona measures, the honor of pinning on the award fell to Huiskamp's partner.

Huiskamp had had no inkling of the impending festivities. “Of course, you're supposed to say that you're surprised,” he said in a short speech, “but I really wasn't expecting this at all. If I'd known it was going to happen, I'd have worn a suit.”

Cursor was also present, with a camera. Take a look at the report, here.


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