Severe weather causes flooding on the campus

The heavy rain showers on last Friday evening, 4th June, caused significant flooding in places across Eindhoven, and the TU/e campus was no exception. The first report of a leak came in shortly before seven, tells head of security Hay Becks. The excessive rainfall caused problems at a number of sites, including Catalyst/Twinning Center, Flux, Gemini, Helix, Matrix, Spectrum and the Student Sports Centre (SSCE).

photo Viktor Gladkov / Shutterstock

For the university, there is no escaping the torrential rain that hits parts of the Eindhoven region on Friday evening. At 18.55 hrs security staff notice the sewage system backing up in the Spectrum building. An inspection reveals that various areas are flooded, including the elevator and the technical rooms.

Unica's technicians arrive on site. The campus fire service decides to call out extra people, and the task of removing the water is assigned to cleaning company Asito.

Reports follow of smaller leaks and rain getting in at Matrix and the pedestrian bridge near Helix. On the tenth floor of Flux water is seeping into the hallway from the ceiling.

Fire service

At 19.11 hrs the SSCE reports a leak. The sports centre staff set to work themselves to manage the situation. A little while later, rainwater is found in the pedestrian bridge between the Catalyst building and the Twinning Center, some of which has gotten into Catalyst, home to multiple business tenants.

Shortly before nine, security staff discover a major leak in Gemini Noord, behind the bars and in the Microfab/Lab, to be specific.

01.12 hrs

At a quarter to midnight the technical staff report off-duty and at 01.12 hrs the fire service and cleaners complete their cleanup necessitated by the excessive rainfall.

Becks is pleased with how smoothly the work went: “Thanks to the many hands we ‘survived’ the severe weather well. It was a busy evening, but everyone did a good job.”

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