Caribe Eindhoven gives Caribbean people a sense of home

TU/e has a new student association: Caribe Eindhoven. Its goal is to give Caribbean people a sense of connectedness and belonging in the Netherlands, but also to share their warmth with others, says Kiandra van Hoop, board member external affairs.

photo Caribe Eindhoven

The association was launched in late 2021 with a board that consisted of seven members from Curaçao, Sint Maarten and Aruba. Prospective board members aren’t required to have Caribbean citizenship. Events, which the association hopes to organize once a month, will be inspired by Caribbean culture. If you would like to know more, you’re welcome to take part in a pub quiz and enjoy music and, naturally, great exotic food and drinks during the association’s first event – ‘Caribbean night’ – on Friday, April the 29th.


Van Hoop: “This association is important to us, because moving from the Caribbean to the Netherlands was a major change. It truly felt like a culture shock, and you’re also faced with many responsibilities when you study abroad for the first time. But what you experience most of all is a sense of loneliness. We hope to create a sense of connectedness, a home away from home for Caribbean people. And we also want to share a part of Caribbean culture with those who haven’t experienced it before.”

What they miss most about home? “The culture, the type of people and the weather. The weather is really always the same in the Caribbean, warm and windy. Here, however, most of us experienced seasons for the first time. Winter is tough.”

Caribe doesn’t have a website at this point unfortunately, but you can keep yourself informed on the association’s events and other developments via Instagram: @caribe.ehv

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