End Fossil Occupy occupies TU/e

The action group End Fossil Occupy occupied TU/e today, following the example of Erasmus University in Rotterdam last week. Room 1.650 in the Atlas building has been taken over by the protestors who are demanding that the university break ties with the fossil fuel industry, declares the climate emergency and becomes transparent about its third-stream funding.

Eleven protestors have gathered in Atlas and hung banners. They want to stay until the executive board grants the demands. The board must have noticed the occupation, as they were in and out of the opposite room.

A press release was sent out on Monday morning stating that despite earlier protests, no change is visible and that they want the university to take its responsibility. Room 1.650 in Atlas was chosen because important decisions are made there, the protestors write in their press release.

End Fossil Occupy is a global movement that has groups occupying educational institutions in dozens of countries to draw attention to climate change.

Update December 6: the students have now also occupied a second room in Atlas: 1.652.

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