TU/e occupiers' first demand granted

The first of the three demands of University Rebellion and End Fossil Occupy has been granted: the Executive Board has declared the climate emergency, at least that is how the demonstrators interpret it from the e-mail that the Executive Board sent after their statement. In that e-mail they at least acknowledge the climate crisis exists as well as the unfair damage it has caused and still causes.

However, that e-mail from the Executive Board also states that the university considers the current occupation untenable and that the students must leave the rooms they currently occupy, but the board does want to offer them another space in Atlas where they can protest during the day. End Fossil Occupy and University Rebellion do not agree with this and they have just negotiated further with the Executive Board. 1.650 will remain occupied, but not this weekend, only again from Monday, December 12, 7 AM. Whether there will be overnight stays again next week is not yet clear. The Executive Board does not want any more sleepovers, but the action groups do.

The email from the Executive Board:


Still a lot to be done

University Rebellion and End Fossil Occupy also published a major statement this evening in response to the TU/e Board's statement. In it they express their gratitude for the acknowledgment of the climate crisis by the EB, but also say that a lot still needs to happen, such as a concrete commitment on how the transparency of the third funding stream will be achieved. They also provide a broad explanation with a scientific framework as to why ties with the fossil industry must be cut.

End Fossil Occupy: “We are tired and at the same time we have a lot of energy. That is because of the victory: the climate crisis has never before been recognized as a problem by the Executive Board and now it is. We have enough energy to show up again next week, especially now that we have negotiated to keep the space longer. The atmosphere is cheerful here, we are cleaning up a bit and will sleep in our own beds for the next two nights. And we will be here again on Monday at 7 AM sharp.”

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