Minimal storm damage on campus

The three severe storms with the friendly names Dudley, Eunice and Franklin that raged across the campus in recent days have caused little damage here. A good amount of debris and litter from the BunkerToren has blown onto the banks of the Dommel, that's about the worst of it.

Security breathed a sigh of relief Monday morning having been on tenterhooks all weekend. Hay Becks, team leader at TU/e Safety & Security, says that fortunately the storm damage is not that bad. “We've got branches blown down here and there and some water damage at Cascade, but luckily the damage is nowhere near as bad as we were expecting. The fire service was on standby the whole time and had their chainsaws oiled and ready to go. But now it's just a question of removing some fallen branches.” This is a job for employees of Heijmans, the construction company that also manages the campus greenery.

Heijmans has also retrieved the picnic table from the pond, carried there by gusts of wind. Becks is pleased the consequences are no more than minimal. He also mentions the fences blown over at the Laplace construction site (being transformed into Neuron) and the material blown off the BunkerToren.

That material consists mainly of plastic and insulation sheets. Robbie, a construction worker at the BunkerToren, will cart it all away Monday morning. “Small job, done in a jiffy.”

Closer inspection reveals the water damage at Cascade is also manageable. Facilities team member Henk van de Ven reports that Friday there was a minor leak at the site where the pedestrian bridge used to be, connecting the building with Flux. “It's not unusual for it to leak here. This is nothing special, I wouldn't call it damage.”

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