Time for Cursor to refuel, but also to prepare

After today, Cursor will close up shop for the summer. It has been a hectic year and so it is time for us to recharge our batteries, but we are also going to do some preparation work for the Intro in August. After the summer break, there will be many new challenges awaiting the academic staff, support services, students and our editorial team, but let’s try to step back for now. The Chinese philosopher Lao-Tse once said, “Leave turbid water alone and it will gradually become clear on its own.”

photo Aanbetta / Shutterstock

Looking back on an academic year always makes one marvel at just how much has happened: the initiatives that were started, the disappointments that were felt and the triumphs that were celebrated. It was no different for the academic year 2021-2022 that is nearly behind us. A year in which students and lecturers were finally able to take off the straightjacket put on them by the pandemic and in which it was once again possible to do many things the way we used to do them in the ‘before times’. Let us hope that we will be spared further pandemic misery in the coming year as well. Because seeing each other, being able to talk to each other in a room and enjoying all the social gatherings that can be held on campus again; these things really show just how much we have missed out on.

So let us try to refresh ourselves in the coming weeks and enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Cursor will be back online in the week before the Intro. 

Press releases and other news in our general Cursor mailbox will be taken up after the summer break.

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