Fausto Gallucci steps down as dean

Fausto Gallucci, Dean of the department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry (CEC) has announced he is stepping down after one year and nine months of service. He quits because he no longer has enough time to fulfill his position as dean in addition to leading his own research group. “The Executive Board and the CEC Department Board are discussing who should be the next dean,” the university spokesperson stresses.

photo Angeline Swinkels

Gallucci started his deanship in October 2020. “In the meantime, there has been a sharp increase in research projects in my own research group (Sustainable Process Engineering) and at the same time there has been a decrease in the number of FTEs of scientific staff available for the supervision of PhDs,” Gallucci says. “That made me take this difficult decision.”

“I feel responsibility to my department as well as to my research group and in the actual situation (as dean, ed.) I cannot give both the time they require,” Gallucci explains. “Thus, I decided to concentrate on the supervision of our PhD students to make sure they get what they need to succeed. I am confident that the Executive Board will find a good replacement in the short term.”

Gallucci informed his department this week via e-mail. The univeristy spokesperson Ivo Jongsma announced that Gallucci remains dean for the time being and the discussion on his succession are ongoing. The Executive Board is working with the Department Board of CEC to see who should take over this position. Gallucci will now fully focus on his research group, education and valorization. “It is my own decision to step down as dean, but I would like to thank the Executive Board for their understanding and support.”

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