Dekate Mousa organizes exhibition at CKE

Student film and photography association Dekate Mousa will organize a photo exposition in Eindhoven arts center CKE from June 7th until June 25th to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary. The exhibition consists of 114 photos with which the association wants to show everyone who they are and what they can do in terms of photography.

photo Henrique Dias

“This extra large-scale exposition revolves around our association’s lustrum year,” exhibition committee member Ymke Broeren says. “The photos that have been selected are all related to challenges and activities organized by our association. These include an underwater session with SPV Blue and a collaboration with light festival GLOW.”

The association’s members submitted photos in thirteen categories, under the clear condition that the photos were taken during the lustrum year. “We organize an exhibition each year, but this one is on a much larger scale because this is our lustrum year. In total, there will be no fewer than 114 photos on display. We really want to use this opportunity to show what we can do and to show people who we are, including people who aren’t part of the student community. Everyone is welcome.”

The exhibition’s official opening ceremony will take place on Tuesday June 7th at 20:00 hrs. Several speakers will provide explanations of the photos, and visitors can take a tour of the exhibition. Broeren explains why the association decided to organize the exhibition in the CKE building. “Actually, we were looking for two different cool locations, one for our private lustrum gala and one for our exhibition, which is open to a broad public. When we visited CKE, we realized that this could be a great location to combine these two things. And one thing led to another.”

The main photo from photographer Henrique Dias, titled ‘Behind the camera,’ will also be on display in the CKE. In case you got inspired and are looking for a darkroom: Dekate Mousa has its own photo studio on campus where members can develop their photos.

Visitor information

The CKE building is located at the Pastoor Petersstraat 180, 5612 LW Eindhoven and has regular opening hours from Monday to Friday from 9:00-22:30 hrs. and on Saturday from 9:00-17:00 hrs. The exhibition is free of charge.

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