MASt action week for and by women

MASt, which stands for ‘Maatschappelijk Actieve Student’ (Socially Active Student), is the charity committee of the Eindhoven Studenten Corps. All four members of this third cohort happen to be women. They were able to do more this year than previous committees, which were more affected by COVID-19. The four committee members will conclude their activities with an entire week of action: Women’s Week. From May 30th until June 3rd, MASt will support women living in conditions that differ dramatically from those they themselves live in.

photo MASt

Tali Pleijter, Psychology & Technology student and secretary at MASt, says that Women’s Week won’t be the first impressive action this academic year. “We delivered brunch packages to employees from three different ICUs of the Máxima Medical Center in Veldhoven. We left presents in shoes during Sinterklaas at the Sociaal Solidair foundation in Eindhoven, and we wrote Christmas cards for lonely elderly people. This time, however, our small committee wants to organize an entire week and show the world what we can do.”

Next week, the charity committee will organize an activity each day aimed at a female target group. “Eindhoven has a predominantly male student population, and that’s why it’s so great that our committee, which happens to be made up exclusively of women this year, decided to put the women of Eindhoven in the spotlight. We believe that it’s important to give women a podium and to address issues that deserve attention.”


On Wednesday, MASt will donate menstrual hygiene products to the Salvation Army. That organization decided that these products will go to women who have fled Ukraine. “One hundred and fifty euros of our budget will be spent on sanitary pads, and another fifty euros on tampons. We intend to present it as a handsomely decorated gift.”

Ukrainian women will again take center stage during a meeting that kicks off Women’s Week. During this meeting, MASt member and Industrial Design student Sophie van Malland will give a painting workshop for twenty women in the Microlab on Strijp-S. The money for paint, brushes and canvases comes from stEHVen, the organization that supports events for and by students in Eindhoven with funding.

Becoming stronger

MASt also came up with two events for female TU/e students. “We offer a women’s assertiveness training on Tuesday, which focuses on the mental side of vulnerability, and a self defense course on Thursday, which is more about physical vulnerability. We will hand out flyers on campus to reach as many women students as we can.” Both events take place in the Student Sports Center.

MASt will conclude Women’s Week with a high tea for women who have been taken in by Neos. “We bring tasty goods such as brownies, sandwiches and juices and hope to give them a pleasant afternoon. Make them forget about their worries for a moment. We’re curious about the conversations people will have.”

After the tea has been cleaned up on Friday, the committee members will start looking for their successors for next academic year. The application procedure has already started. You can find MASt on Insta at @MASteindhoven.

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