And how are things in Trondheim?

Hi, my name is Jasper and I am currently in my third year of the double master program “Urban Systems and Real Estate” and “Construction Management Engineering” of the faculty of the Built Environment. Currently I am in the middle of my exchange semester to Trondheim, Norway. Many guest lectures compare this campus with Hogwarts due to its old, large, stone buildings.

photo Jasper Poel

Trondheim is the third biggest city in Norway and it is a real student city. The city is located next to the Trondheimsfjord, with in the west the Bymarka forest and in the east the Korsvika beach. I live these days near the Kristiansten fortress park. Because of the greenery, walking through the city is a daily activity and it is definitely possible to spot the northern lights in the city! Unfortunately the prices are, as expected, higher than in the Netherlands. This can be easily seen with the alcohol prices, as paying 9 Euros for a glass of beer is not uncommon.

The academic year here starts already halfway in August and ends halfway in December. During the first weeks the university helped with arranging several welcome lectures and tours that let you get acquainted with the city and the Norwegian culture. The university can be found at two locations, campus Dragvoll and Gloshaugen, where I follow all my classes. Many guest lectures compare this campus with Hogwarts due to its old, large, stone buildings.

Lectures are in general shorter here and revolve more around discussions and interaction, with at the end of the semester an exam. The academic year here does then not consist of four quartiles, but two semesters. You can also rent “hyttas” through the university, which are cabins  in nature that only provide beds and a wood stove, meaning that you should collect or bring all your own water, food and heat.

Besides the cabin trips, you also have plenty of time to discover the country in different ways. Personally, I went on a train trip to Oslo and Bergen past the forests, fjords and snowy mountaintops. I have also been on a glacier hike around Bergen to the Sognefjord and to Trolltunga, a rock leaping out of the landscape that is the most well-known touristic attraction of the country. To the north, I have been on a trip to the Lofoten, an archipelago above the polar circle which is known for its incredible scenery and where I have also spotted the northern lights. After my exams, that starts in the beginning of December, I even have more time to travel to Copenhagen, Stockholm and last but not least, Tromsø in Norwegian Lapland.

So if you are a fan of beautiful beaches, forests, the mountains or waterfalls, I would certainly recommend to study in Trondheim and explore the country!

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