TU/e research supporter wins SURF award

Research supporter Silvie van Dam (left in the main photo), who works at the TU/e Department of Built Environment, has been awarded a prize by SURF for her work. Susan Berentsen of the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN) and Anne Mickan of the Radboud UMC were also awarded for their special contribution to the research of their institution. On Friday 26 May, Cursor will publish an interview with Van Dam.

photo SURF

Usually, the scientists are in the spotlight, but according to SURF, the ICT association for education and research, the supporters of scientists are also indispensable for the quality of research. "They do essential work, but their work is often invisible."

On behalf of SURF, a jury announced the three research support champions on Tuesday afternoon. They were nominated by colleagues and researchers.


Silvie van Dam, Manager Research Development and  Support Office at the TU/e Department of Built Environment, won because, according to the jury, she connects people, she has a lot of professional knowledge to offer, and because she improves data storage at the university.

In the category for universities of applied sciences, the prize went to Susan Berentsen of the HAN (in the middle of the main photo). She helps researchers to think about integrity and has drawn up a broadly applicable step-by-step plan for this.

In the category academic hospitals & research institutions, Radboud UMC ICT specialist Anne Mickan (on the right in the main photo) was the winner. She helped build an online platform for developers of artificially intelligent models that mimic medical procedures.

On Friday 26 May, Cursor will publish an interview with Van Dam about her work and what winning this prize means to her.

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