Statement editorial board regarding Cursor's black screen

The editorial board has issued a statement regarding Cursor's black screen. 'We regret that Cursor decided to opt for a 'black screen'. TU/e deserves a good medium that contributes to the provision of information and opinion formation within and about the university.'

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'Cursor must be able to fulfill that role within the careful journalistic approach and independence set out in the editorial statute and guidelines. These principles come central to the editorial board and are also the foundation for the joint agreements that were made between all those involved at the start of this new editorial board a year ago. The editorial board wants to safeguard these principles for both the editorial staff and the TU/e community.

The editorial board is happy to cooperate in the investigation of the committee for reporting irregularities, initiated by one of the Cursor editors. We believe that we should wait for that independent assessment. We regret that the editors did not wait for that assessment to finish. The editorial board will use the assessment of this committee to determine, partly on that basis, whether the board is sufficiently able to contribute to the restoration of a properly functioning Cursor. The editorial board does not want to be an obstacle, but rather contribute to the development and functioning of the Cursor and the editorial team and has never banned a publication.

The editorial board calls on the Executive Board to find a long-term, workable solution in the interests of the Cursor and the TU/e.

The Editorial Board'

Cursor will respond to this statement as soon as possible.


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