Who’s who in the Cursor dossier?

The Cursor editors have created an overview of everyone involved in our dossier as it can sometimes be difficult for outsiders to understand the roles and responsibilities.

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Cursor has a team of five journalists and one editor-in-chief. The editor-in-chief has final responsibility for what appears on the Cursor website and also serves as the editorial team's supervisor.

All members of the editorial team including the editor-in-chief are employed by the university. In order to ensure independence, especially given the employment with the organization about which critical reporting must be possible, an editorial statute has been drawn up. Its purpose is to safeguard the medium's independence. In addition, there is an editorial board which is also there to protect the medium's independence. They only have an advisory role and they may offer both solicited and unsolicited advice. According to the statute, the editorial board is supposed to include an expert in journalism. This is not the case at Cursor. The editorial board is appointed by the Executive Board.

The Executive Board governs the university. The board consists of a rector, a president and a vice president. The Supervisory Board oversees the Executive Board and monitors whether the Executive Board acts in a procedurally correct manner. The members on the Supervisory Board come from different areas of expertise and are appointed by the Minister of Education.

The Executive Board is the formal publisher of Cursor. Operational responsibility for publishing Cursor lies with the director of the Communication Expertise Center (CEC), who thus acts as an operational publisher on behalf of the Executive Board. The CEC director is also the direct supervisor of the editor-in-chief and, from this position, appoints and dismisses the editor-in-chief. The main duties and responsibilities in relation to Cursor can also be found in the editorial statute.

And finally, the liaison. This is a rather unusual position for an editorial team. In light of the situation at Cursor, the liaison was appointed by the Executive Board in order to facilitate communication between the Executive Board and the (now former) editor-in-chief.

Below we provide an overview of the individuals per body who have played a role in our dossier:

The editors:
  • Lydia van Aert
  • Leoni Andriessen
  • Martina Silbrníková
  • Norbine Schalij
  • Bridget Spoor
The editor-in-chief:
  • Han Konings - currently removed from his position
The liaison:
  • Xavier Theunisse
The editorial board:
  • Frank Janssen - chairman (external expert on reputation management and chairman of the Supervisory Board of Omroep Brabant)
  • Kees Storm - member (professor of Physics and dean of his department)
  • Merle Rodenburg - since 1 june no longer a member (former managing director at the Department of the Built Environment)
  • Johanna Höffken - since 1 September 2023 no longer a member (associate professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences)
  • Charlot Felderhof - member (master’s student in Innovation Management) 
The Executive Board:
  • Silvia Lenaerts - rector
  • Robert-Jan Smits - president
  • The third member, currently vacant - vice-president
  • Patrick Groothuis - secretary
Director Communication Expertise Center:
  • Chantal van den Berg
The Supervisory Board:
  • Peter Wennink - president (CEO of ASML)
  • Mariëtte Hamer - member (Government Commissioner for Combating Sexual Transgressive Behavior and Sexual Violence)
  • Paul Doop - member (Board of Directors NPO)
  • Louise Gunning-Schepers - member (Professor Emeritus of Health and Society at the University of Amsterdam)
  • Ineke Dezentjé Hamming-Bluemink - member (administrator and former Member of Parliament)
  • Patrick Groothuis - secretary

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