During lunch to Lucky Fonz III

Yesterday during lunch, you could listen to artist Lucky Fonz III, in the "Blauwe Zaal". Some already knew a few hits, others had never heard of him, but afterwards everyone seemed positive: "fun", "sweet" and "a little bit weird".

photo Maud Staassen

"Normally you wouldn't organise something like this during the day, but as an evening program instead," Liza Gloudemans explains, program maker at Studium Generale. "But that's also the fun of it, because during the break you get a completely different audience than during the evening. During the evening, people have to come back to uni, so then only the people who already know him and his music will come. And during the day there's also people who just think: oh funny, let's go and have a look."

Introducing new things

And that is exactly what Gloudemans, and Studium Generale in general, are striving for. "We want to introduce people to something knew" she says. "To make the slightly unfamiliar things, more accessible." 

"For example, the other day (after a classical lunchtime concert, ed.) we got a review saying, 'First time I heard classical music.' That's exactly what we want to achieve," David Ernst adds, also program maker at Studium Generale.

Love for Lucky Fonz III

Despite Lucky Fonz being a relatively established name in the music industry, there are still many people who didn't know him yet. "He's a little cabaret or theatre-like," Gloudemans explains. Fortunately, the audience was not disappointed as the reactions were very positive. "Fun," "sweet," and "a little bit weird" rang out afterwards. The artist himself was also happy with his audience, as well as with the time of the concert. "I have never performed so early in the day. Amazing, then I'm in bed on time for a change." thus Lucky Fonz III.

Watch the video below with reactions from the audience and artist Lucky Fonz III. Want to stay tuned for future lunchtime concerts? Keep an eye on our calendar.

Lunchpauzeconcert met Lucky Fonz III

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