Auditorium closed for long time

From Saturday, June 22 onwards, it won’t be possible to study or work at the Auditorium for ten weeks. A new fire alarm system will be installed in the building and maintenance will be performed on the outer staircases. Response to the closure by the users of the Auditorium varies.

In recent weeks, the preparatory activities in the Auditorium were already very noticeable. These cause minimal nuisance, which means the lectures, use of study seats, kitchen work by catering staff, and Studium Generale programs have continued as usual.

This will change after June 22. Until and including August 27, the Auditorium will be classified as a construction site. For one thing, this means there won’t be a functioning fire alarm system and nobody will be allowed to enter. The only exception will be for the gown room, entrance to which is subjected to registration at -1. Outside, part of the parking lot won’t be in use – as has been the case since the end of May – as ten spaces have been reserved for dumpsters.

Study paradise

At first, Computer Science master’s student Veerle Fürst is taken aback when she hears the Auditorium will be closing. “This is our favorite place to study. We have a group of six students that always meet outside lecture hall 2.15 to study together in the gallery. I love the hustle and bustle of the Auditorium. The Meta library or Atlas are far too quiet for me.” A second reason to study here is that it motivates them to see other people work. When Fürst is told what period it concerns, it turns out not to be such an issue. “The exams are starting on June 24 and we can do the final prepping at home.”

Studium Generale

The final SG program of the season in Auditorium will take place on June 19, in the Blauwe Zaal. During the closure, the Studium Generale staff will be working in the two rooms in MetaForum they reserved through Book my Space.

The Art Lending Library isn’t too bothered either. “Whoever was due to bring back a borrowed graphic work during that time can hold on to it a bit longer,” says art lending manager Liza Gloudemans. “I do hope staff will find their way back to the Art Lending Library after the renovation. Appointments can be made by email.”


The closure is more of an issue for the catering of receptions and parties and the preparation of lunches by banqueting. Deep-frying is no longer possible and a new spot must be found for glasses, fridges, stocks, and the large coffeemaker. Vertigo will house the temporary storage of these and other things that will have to be used in the closure period. Receptions and parties will be held on campus until mid July. Subway will be closed during the renovation.

Cursor found a spot at Neuron, where the Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute has agreed to temporarily accommodate us.


The Auditorium is one of the four oldest buildings of the university. In 1961, construction was ceremoniously started by the widow of the first Rector Magnificus, Mrs. Dorgelo-Plomp. In 1966, the building was officially inaugurated with a concert by the Brabants Orkest.

In 1994, a fire broke out at the Auditorium, followed by its first largescale renovation. At the time, lectures had to be moved to De Bruine Heer on Emmasingel.

For more information about the building’s history (in Dutch), click here. This page will also tell you the meaning of the ‘flags’ on the doors to the Senaatzaal.

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