TU/e Board does not accept University Rebellion’s demands

The Executive Board has published a statement regarding University Rebellion’s announced climate protest during the Career Expo on March 5 and 6. The Board does not agree to the action group’s demands: for the university to sever all ties with the fossil industry.

photo Bart van Overbeeke

In the statement, the Executive Board acknowledges the concerns at the university regarding partnerships with the fossil fuel industry, but argues that they believe it is necessary to continue to cooperate with these parties. Reference is made to a decision from 2022, which states that the university will only enter into cooperations with such companies if the projects contribute to renewable energy and sustainability in general. 

The statement emphasizes that TU/e gives ample space to manifestations, as laid down in a protocol: “The right to protest is a vital fundamental right for which we should all provide scope. At the same time, we also expect everyone on our campus to treat each other with respect and empathy.”

In a response to Cursor, University Rebellion says they are happy that the protocol regarding manifestations was mentioned. “Whether this facilitates our protest remains to be seen,” says a spokesperson, who also stresses that the action will go ahead. “We don’t see anything new in the statement. This is our third occupation and we will keep going. Our demands are clear.”

University Rebellion

The statement is in response to the announced occupation by University Rebellion during the Career Expo. With a megaphone in hand, the action group made their demands known: namely, that the university sever all ties with the fossil industry and exclude them from the career fair. As stated, the Executive Board does not accede to these demands.

In a statement, Wervingsdagen, the organization behind the event, revealed that students themselves are asking for the presence of fossil companies such as Shell. The organization represents nine study associations that may offer advice on the participating companies. According to the organization, this is a “rigorous process,” in which various factors must be taken into consideration. “Such as a diverse range of companies, equal representation for the different fields of study and requests from students.”

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