TU/e launches central hotline for social safety and integrity

TU/e launched the Integrity and Social Safety desk, which serves as a central and accessible hotline for people who have questions or issues regarding integrity and social safety. The desk is still in its testing phase and will officially launch at the beginning of the new academic year.

photo iStock | BrianAJackson

A university-wide program concerning integrity has been underway since October 2023. A core team, consisting of members from ESA, GA, HRM and CEC, has been set up to support and coordinate all university initiatives around social safety and integrity. The first concrete result of this project has now been launched: the Integrity and Social Safety desk.

The desk serves as a central point of contact for questions and issues about social safety and integrity. Both students and employees can get in touch with one of TU/e's confidentiality counsellors via a phone number and e-mail address. The core team hopes that this will make it easier for people to ask questions and receive support when problems arise. 

Test period 

The desk is still in its testing phase, but will officially start at the beginning of the new academic year 2024-2025. During this testing phase, the core team is gathering feedback on the helpdesk. Head of the core team Ingrid Heynderickx: "During this test period, we are actively establishing contact with all stakeholders in the healthcare landscape at TU/e, so they can refer to the desk and help us test whether the processes behind the desk are running well. This way we will soon be optimally prepared for the official launch of the desk in September 2024."

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