TU/e’s Instagram was temporarily hacked

On Tuesday October 18, TU/e’s Instagram account was hacked. University Rebellion managed to break into the account and posted its own messages there on behalf of TU/e, including one from ‘the Executive Board’, commenting on the criticized arrests of March this year.

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Thea Bradley of University Rebellion announced on behalf of the group that they “had stumbled upon an old password from months ago and didn’t actually expect it to work, when in fact it did. This does constitute hacking since we invaded the system without permission, but we had no bad intentions of stealing data. Call it hacktivism. Through our action, we wanted to call attention to TU/e’s role in the arrests during the Wervingsdagen. We still haven’t received any substantive response nor an apology. We don’t feel heard.”

“In addition, we find it quite striking that apparently, there’s no proper security policy in place, since every week, TU/e’s Instagram account is passed on to someone else, but they just have everyone use the same password month after month. Kind of ironic with it being Cyber Awareness month now too.” This is something IMS has specifically paid attention to with an email and a campaign.

Its own messages

The messages posted by University Rebellion on TU/e’s Instagram account were about them being proven right in the court case. It was also a call for an apology from the university as well as a call for transparency regarding TU/e’s 3rd tier funding, including a link to a petition in order to make this happen. The stories were all viewed between 800 and 1200 times before they were removed by the university.


After the hack was discovered on the Instagram account, the illegitimate posts were deleted that same day and no further attention was given to it. University spokesman Ivo Jongsma commented, “We are still investigating how it was possible that our Instagram account was briefly hijacked. As a precaution, we immediately changed the passwords of all our social media accounts on Tuesday.”

On behalf of University Rebellion, Bradley would like to offer an apology to the person who was in charge of the Instagram account on Tuesday, October 18: “We didn’t want to cause you any trouble personally, but we also want to be heard, and TU/e is simply not listening.”

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