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Cockroach update: the infestation is decreasing

Plaza Resident Services (PRS), manager of the Luna building where a cockroach infestation had recently arisen, says that this plague has decreased considerably due to the control of Rentokil. Hubble, Korein, the basements, offices and all technical areas are cockroach-free, PRS says. There are also fewer cockroaches in the studios now. That has dropped from 38 rooms with cockroaches to 14 rooms.

photo Tzara / iStock

Rentokil is still working on the cockroach plague and the status will be checked again at the end of October, says Bob de Vilder of PRS. The residents have also received an update from PRS about the situation. Cursor has asked PRS to view the pest-control report, but this was not allowed due to privacy, De Vilder said. Rentokil has been asked for a response on PRS' progress claims, but has not responded.

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