Cockroach plague in Luna

The Luna building on the TU/e campus is suffering a cockroach plague. As yet, the affected areas appear to be the floors in the building where people live. Community cafe Hubble says it is roach-free. The plague will be addressed from Monday, September 12.

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The six-legged insects are much less common in the Netherlands than in many southern countries. They seek the heat and prefer places where, besides a comfortable temperature, food is on offer. With winter on the way - which only makes those comfortable indoor spaces more appealing to these little critters - and in view of the speed with which this species reproduces, quick action is needed. As Cursor was told upon asking, TU/e’s Real Estate is not aware of any cockroach plague. The Luna building is not managed by TU/e’s Real Estate, but by Plaza Resident Services (PRS); they are the people who need to take action here. Plaza Resident Services is what many will know better as the former 'Camelot'. PRS falls under umbrella company 'Mosaic World'. PRS was initially not available for a response while writing this article, but has sent a response later on which you can read below.

In any event, the residents are keen for action to be taken and are in contact with one another on Facebook, where they are listing which rooms are affected by the cockroaches. But the housing units are not the only places with roaches. They have also been spotted in the communal kitchen in Luna's basement, where the cultural associations cook, and in the board garden. Laura Kemper, president of Scala, says that she doesn't “exclude the possibility of the insects being in other rooms as well, but that they simply haven't been seen there yet.” (see an explanation about these claims below the article). Hubble informs us that no cockroaches have been sighted in its kitchen or storeroom, and that regular inspections are carried out.

German species

Over the weekend, Bob de Vilder responded to Cursor on behalf of PRS and emailed that on Friday,  September 9 "an email was sent to the residents in response to the report written by Rentokil last week. It also specifically refers to the poor hygiene in the basement area and the waste area of ​​the supermarket (Spar, ed.). Rentokil has also addressed the tenants concerned about their own responsibility." He makes no further comment on the fact that the cockroaches have been seen and proven especially high in Luna (floors 5, 7 and 11) whereas the Supermarket and basement are low. It is stated, however, that "it is a German cockroach species that was probably taken by a foreign visitor to the building. Previous attempts to tackle the plague were unsuccessful. That is why the entire building is now being tackled from top to bottom, studio by studio. The costs are shared between the owner and TU/e." The latter is remarkable, given that TU/e ​​does not manage the building and only owns the land. PRS says: "The owner, a real estate investor, has given the management to Plaza Resident Services, which will take up the battle against cockroaches on its behalf, together with TU/e." The e-mail also contains advice on how to keep the cockroaches out of your room: "Clean up food leftovers immediately, keep the stove, microwave and refrigerator clean and dispose garbage bags directly in a garbage container."


Part of this article needs to be rectified. It concerns the statements from Scala that cockroaches have recently been seen in the communal kitchen and administrative garden. Despite the fact that the insects could of course possibly be there given the problems on other floors that have been clearly proven, the claim that they have also been seen in the communal kitchen and administrative garden cannot be confirmed. Cursor has seen internal communications from Scala showing exaggeration of this claim based on older information (people who have seen cockroaches in the kitchen and/or board garden in the past). One would be 'desperate for action by Camelot', the current PRS. The President of Scala, Laura de Kemper has apologized for her misinformation.

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