Alpha males and beta females


Growth! The new Bachelor College yields a 14% increase in subscriptions, the highest growth percentage among the 3TU. On top of that it blew a fresh breeze across the campus with a dash of estrogen: there was an increase of none less than 53% in female applications! I’m happy for the university male, finally he’s not obliged to turn to Fontys parties with girls from teacher training or nursing, and doesn’t need to type 5318008 in his calculator to see boobies.

The public broadcaster was also happy and interviewed our Bachelor College dean, Lex Lemmens, about the increase in female freshmen. He was very pleased that Eindhoven is no longer a “male city” en that he aims for a 50:50 gender distribution. I find that rather optimistic, because not everybody is as pleased as he is about this development: Some (male) students disapprove of multidisciplinary majors like Psychology and Technology (P&T). These hairy chests think these women only come here, because P&T is much easier, it’s engineering for dummies or they think it’s DIY psychology. I’m inclined to think that these TU alpha males see the new pool of femaleness as embodying the decline of engineering courses.

Lighten up lads, if you’re that allergic to ‘user & society’, just choose your lovely engineering subjects as electives. Majors like P&T are still permeated with technology: bridging the gap with other disciplines merely broadens your horizon, enhances a critical attitude and helps to implement technical applications successfully. Their right to exist here is just as obvious as e.g. fusion research is.

Think about what’s in there for you: because of these majors, more females will feel attracted to all our university courses and provide in the long run more girls. This will enhance performance, but also social life. The female-friendly environment is created as we speak, without pink paint on the MetaForum walls. And come on, you have to hand it to Lex Lemmens, the Bachelor College did increase choice.

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