Eye-dazzling orange


"Football is war." I had to google which Dutch soccer coach made this statement (Rinus Michels during the 1974 World Cup), but so far I only see the opposite around me. Soccer is mostly a lot of cheer and dazzling orange.

At most the European Soccer Championship creates some tension between the soccer lovers and the soccer indifferent. Because you can't avoid it, not even at TU/e.

In response to an invitation to a goodbye reception for a colleague, people asked whether the European Championship schedule had been taken into account (the Netherlands was playing that afternoon), and at the closing party of the year with the student information officers, a large screen ensured that we did not have to miss the match outside. Also last Tuesday, the big screen was not lacking at the summer event with colleagues from CEC (Communication Expertise Center).  Actually the theme was the summertime strawberry, but the color of that other fruit, the orange, could not be missed.

So how are things at such a soccer party? There are soccer enthusiasts and soccer misfits. Both clans have their own table, but coexist peacefully. The soccer enthusiasts make the most noise, the people who don't care much about it look up occasionally when "Ooh!", is shouted or cheers are given, but otherwise chat quietly.

I count myself among the second group. I was wearing something orange, but in a muted shade. When a VAR moment occurs, I want to know what the referee decides, but am not deeply saddened when it turns out to be offside (we were 1-0 ahead anyway).  But when the game is almost over, my eyes are drawn to the screen more and more often, and when the whistle blows I am happy with the victory. I look at my dancing and cheering colleagues. Honestly, on some of them that dazzling orange looks pretty good. I also have something like that in the back of my closet. I'll wear it July 6, I think.

Annemarie van Malsen is a communications officer at TU/e’s Department of Industrial Design. The views expressed in this column are her own.

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