It's buzzing!


Innovation Space in Matrix is abuzz with more and more life. Which is pretty remarkable given that we haven't had a front door for a couple of weeks now. The building is only accessible through a hidden side door that security opens time and again for us with huge reluctance. So it's a good sign.

The buzz is due in no small part to the chaos that has erupted again at Engineering Design. Since the second-years finally accepted that their group is full of oddballs and then figured out what the hardcore alpha type in the guise of the Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences student was actually going to contribute (“well you write the report then!”), all systems are go to pitch in wholeheartedly and build some kind of rescue robot. This year, with some twenty 3D printers clocking up endless hours, this means not only sawing planks but also machine management 2.0.

Our Alfons Bruekers, director, is adding his own two cents' worth to the melee. It turns out he is a pretty good tour guide, bringing over delegations from every corner of the world to show around our brand new building. He even seems to be keeping a 'scratch map'. Angola can be safely crossed off. (See the photo below). 

But joking aside, it is really cool to see so much interest being shown in the Innovation Space concept. This was also apparent at the open day, when every guided tour was fully booked. Despite the fact that high school students already do nothing but multidisciplinary work.... Something about old wine in a new cask?

For the rest, it is naturally the teams who continue to generate the energy and zest at Matrix. This year for the first time, the biohackers at orgi-team SensUs will be putting their heads together full time. More focus on entrepreneurship and higher TRL levels (TRL?). An excellent plan SensUs, we look forward to your 2019 edition. Team Ignite is also frantically busy working on the final preparations for Glow. Intrigued to know what they are making? Check out their pretty hot teasers here! And under the motto: never lose the golden oldies, former innoSpace team Labeledby is dressed to the nines to show its 3D-printed garments at no fewer than eight locations at Dutch Design Week! And, as recent reports from the far north reveal, it's still pedal to the metal for the first start-up (Using satellites to save the bees) from the course 1ZM150. Keep on going guys!

And last but not least, a furore is being created mostly in the evening hours by teams competing for the much-coveted award for the opening challenge. In as inefficient a way possible, each team is aiming to fire a ball at the structure built by the next team, ultimately firing a brilliant opening  shot! You can, of course, be present at that opening shot. November 15 starting at 17:00 hrs in Matrix. Come along and see it!

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