In the morning of May 16, the Executive Board and the University Council party Groep-één enjoyed their annual BrEGGfast. The event is an opportunity for students to have an informal chat with the board, and discuss anything TU/e-related.

It was the first time international students also participated in the event, which made for a memorable edition. The Executive Board discussed various topics with several groups. Internationalization of TU/e was discussed extensively with Rector Hans van Duijn, who welcomed personal experiences from international students. Topics included integration of foreign and Dutch students, the branding of TU/e in other countries, and the involvement of international students in the policy implementation of TU/e.

Chairman of the Board Arno Peels shared some of his own personal student experiences, which were followed by a discussion about how TU/e should promote itself in the Netherlands – a topic that was discussed in other groups as well. It was said that TU/e should be prouder of its accomplishments and show this to the community. Students could take a little more pride in studying at one of the best universities of the Netherlands as well.

Executive Board member Jo van Ham was asked about the TU/e website that’s not functioning properly. And in light of the upcoming inspection the Bachelor College was discussed at length with Secretary of the university Nicole Ummelen. She showed a genuine interest in the students’ concerns and questions.

All in all, the event was a success, and Groep-één wants to thank all attendees for their input. See you next year!

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