UC | Good education is a gift


The workload at TU/e is currently very high. Not only for employees, but certainly for students as well. It asks a lot of you to do well in education, keep your financial matters in order and participate in social life. In short, you have a lot tasks at hand, which is not easy to maintain.

What doesn't help is that there are still courses with a very low success rate. Don't get me wrong, a course should be of sufficient level. Nevertheless, the learning environment just has to be good. That means good teaching. Students must remain engaged in education, and motivated to work on the subject. It is therefore remarkable that there are still courses in which you are told in the first lecture that you should look around carefully, because only one of your neighbors is going to pass this course. A better start would be to say that it has been noticed that students often find this subject difficult, but that with the completion of the prescribed exercises a good grade is often achieved.

Good teaching depends on good motivation and reflection. Of course there are courses with a more difficult subject. This offers a challenge for highly motivated students. However, it turns out that this group of students is not always that big. You will have to get the rest to go along as well. Nowadays, there are more and more alternatives available to 'old-fashioned' homework. Students are offered both digital and analog practice material. In my opinion, this is a good development. Everyone has their own way of working.

If you look at where TU/e students end up after their studies, you see that it is mostly at technology companies. These employers already indicate that it doesn't matter at all what type of equation you can solve, of if you followed a specific course on a specific subject. They want TU/e students to have the skills to see problems and be able to analyze them on an academic level. After all, the specific tools and information can also be provided by employers. After your time at TU/e, you don't suddenly stop learning. That would be something.

If you see that the quality of your education may not be at the desired level, talk to each other about it. Try to figure out with your fellow students why the course could be better, because then feedback about your experience with the course can lead to improvement. In fact, quality, constructive feedback is the key to improvement. Feedback can be given through several paths. For example, there is an opportunity to share your experience at the end of the course, but you can also talk to your student advisor or the board of your study association during the year. They know where to go with your questions.

Good teaching makes it easier to pursue good education. I think it is important that we all work on this together. Teachers, be open to feedback and dare to adapt your teaching style to the needs of your students. Students, don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Be honest (and respectful) in your feedback and try to work together to make things better in the future. After all, if TU/e wants to grow to the size as mentioned during the opening of the academic year, there will have to be some mountains to overcome. Because good education is a gift that you still have to wrap yourself.

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