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With the opening of the Spar in Flux, a step was taken last year to introduce greater variety in the offering of breakfast, lunch and dinner. But as yet the dinner options are limited: a microwave meal, a main-course salad or an expensive meal supplied by Eurest. The late-night presence of Domino pizza delivery staff on campus is evidence that our restaurant options are insufficient. What went wrong?

To investigate, student fraction Groep-één visited the High Tech Campus with Monique Kuyck, head of Operational Services at Internal Affairs. Here, they also work with Eurest, TU/e's caterer, yet the feedback received is mainly positive. So what are they doing differently over there?

The first thing that stands out is that all the catering is located in one building where everyone goes for lunch. This way everyone really takes time to stop working for a while. Entering the building, the wide range of food choices is striking.

Whereas we are getting one menu, HTC is being provided with ten different restaurants, ranging in price from expensive to affordable to the student budget. Admittedly not for every day, but the price is fine for once a week. For when you want to work through to make a deadline or, unfortunately, have an evening lecture to attend.

Another interesting thing is that the catering also includes well-known brands. Starbucks and Subway both have their own campus restaurant. There is also an Indian restaurant where an Indian chef makes fresh curry, and an Italian restaurant offering fresh pizza and pasta.

As well as offering  a variety of food, HTC's restaurants are all cheerfully decorated, so you feel like going in and having something to eat.

Student fraction Groep-één would like to see one or more of the concepts on the High Tech Campus introduced on our campus at a price students can afford. Furthermore, we think the experience of lunch and dinner would be greatly improved were our canteens to be more attractively decorated, following the lead of the High Tech Campus.

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