Rien Boonstoppel

I first came into contact with photography at the end of primary school. Because of a photo my dad took - I was on it myself - I then won my first digital compact camera. The camera was simple, but I liked it so much that I soon felt held back by the limits of that camera. By now, I have my sixth camera and my hobby is still expanding and I now even turned it (partly) into a career.

When I started my studies, I automatically found myself in the world of student galas and board photos. I have earned some nice pocket money with this. For me it is an ultimate combination: enjoying the student culture and getting paid.

When student galas no longer provided enough challenge, I looked for other options. In the summer of 2017, I photographed a wedding for the first time, which was very cool to do. I then decided to register with the Chamber of Commerce, to be more attractive for business clients.

I am currently photographing for a wide range of assignments. Student work, family photos, weddings, corporate reports, events and yes, also for Cursor. And it's all equally fun!

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