Sports spotlight | Totelos’ favorite number is 9

Indoor soccer players respect the 4-second rule

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Sports spotlight | Totelos’ favorite number is 9

TU/e boasts a total of 38 student sports associations. And every one of them offers its own unique experience: from slamming aces to skimming across the water. At student sports center SSC, you get a wide range of options to choose from: gaming, jumping, running, cycling, rowing, flying, shooting, hanging, playing chess, surfing, punching and pushing. Cursor wants to put every one of these associations in the spotlight. The first question is “What is your favorite number?”

photo Marit Schoemaker

Warming up

The reason that 9 is the Totelossers’ favorite number is because they are celebrating their ninth lustrum this year. They also play indoor soccer, or futsal, in teams of 9 (although there are only 5 on the field at a time) and the current board has a group of 9 candidates to choose from for the 6 new board members for next year. This info comes from Pim de Haan and Luka Kelder, two board members who emphasize that at Totelos, no board member considers themselves better than other Totelos members. “We don’t wear board suits either.”

Totelos is an association for both students who are new to soccer and top players. The Men’s 1 team plays in the Topklasse, the third-highest level in the Netherlands.


  • Totelos has 222 members.
  • 17 men’s teams.
  • 4 women’s teams.
  • The male-female ratio among active members is 50-50, between 90-100 people.
  • You can find Totelossers at the SSC, including the cafeteria, for 17.5 hours a week.
  • A futsal match lasts 2x25 minutes.
  • You have 4 seconds to shoot a ball, do a corner kick or take other actions to resume play.
  • You will see 0 dives on a futsal court. Sliding tackles are also to be avoided on the hard court floor.
  • A ball costs 50 euros.
  • Totelos spent 500 euros on a neon sign with their logo that hangs in ‘t Lempke.


The 4-second rule is sacred in indoor soccer. Totelos members do not like to dawdle, so after a referee’s whistle, the ball must be quickly made available again to all ten players. Preferably to the five members of their own team, of course.

TOB stands for the Totelos Oude Ballen. This is a recreational club consisting mainly of former Totelossers who train no more than twice a year, but do play in the competition. Every member will play against them at some point.

Totelos has an association song, which is sung at the General Meeting of Members (ALV), but their slogan is used more often. “Vanavond gaan we...Totelos” [Tonight, we’re going wild] is chanted on most Thursdays and Fridays on Stratumseind, when they visit their favorite pub, ‘t Lempke.

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