Academic year opens with a focus on the Bachelor College

The Bachelor College is at the heart of the opening of the TU Eindhoven academic year on op 3 September. Rector Hans van Duijn calls it the start of ‘the biggest educational revolution TU/e has ever undergone’. Keynote speaker Martin van Pernis, president of the KIVI NIRIA engineering union, examines the challenges confronted by engineers.

With the introduction of the Bachelor College TU/e offers students an education that perfectly shapes them for their future careers. That is the main message that will be conveyed by rector Hans van Duijn on Monday 3 September at the opening of the academic year. For over a year lecturers, students and auxiliary staff have been working hard to ensure that the Bachelor College can begin this academic year. A huge task, according to Van Duijn and ‘the biggest educational revolution TU/e has ever undergone’. That task has been completed and the incoming engineer will, says Van Duijn, be even better prepared to take on the responsibilities expected of him or her.
KIVI NIRIA president Martin van Pernis will be exploring that final point further in his presentation in which he will outline the challenges that will confront the engineer of the future. He is enthusiastic about TU/e’s new educational model, which he believes to be an excellent response to these challenges.
Finally, the smartest woman in the Netherlands in 2011, forensic psychologist Elke Geraerts, makes her appearance in the world’s smartest region of 2011. Geraerts is a senior lecturer at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and is researching how the memory responds to traumatic experiences. She is also a member of the Young Academy of the KNAW. She will talk about resilience and taking key decisions at crucial moments in your life.
The ceremony begins at 4 pm in the Auditorium with the official reception following at 5.30 pm in the hall of MetaForum, the recently opened building that is home to the library and the department of Mathematics & Computer Science.

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