Squatting for number ones and twos at MetaForum

The toilet blocks on the second floor of MetaForum have been equipped with squat toilets to meet the needs of a number of foreign staff and students.

According to ing. Mirjam Jahnke, MetaForum's building manager, the decision to add a squat toilet to both the ladies' and men's room was inspired by the fact the cleaning staff regularly noticed footprints on the toilet seats. “We concluded that part of our campus community is unfamiliar with our standard toilets.”

In the Netherlands, squat toilets are also known as French toilets, because for many Dutch people, their first encounter with the phenomenon is in France. In France however, they're known as Turkish toilets. Because of an increasing influx of students from countries like China and India, the number of people on campus that feels more comfortable using a squat toilet is rising as well. That's why it's been decided to install two squat toilets in MetaForum.

Their exact location will be signposted. More details of MetaForum can be found in Cursor's first 2012-2013 issue tomorrow.

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