TU/e to supervise STW photonics project

Prof.dr.ir. Meint Smit of the Department of Electrical Engineering at TU/e will be in charge of a new leading-sector program of technology foundation STW. The aim of the MEMPHIS project is to develop building blocks for instruments containing photonics and microelectronics. The project will cost over six million euros, four million of which will be sponsored by STW. TU/e will have five doctoral candidates working on it.

In photonics it’s all about the interaction between light (photons) and electrons. Examples of photonics are laser, LEDs, and CCD sensors. In combination with microelectronics, photonics are used in all kinds of devices. Research and development of these systems is mostly done within specific areas such as ICT, healthcare, safety, and high-tech systems.

MEMPHIS is a collaboration between eight academic groups and nineteen business partners. The parties will try to bridge the gap between these different fields. They’ll attempt to do so by creating building blocks that are easily integrated in a variety of devices.

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