More than half major Valorization Grants for TU/e

Technology Foundation STW has awarded four out of seven Phase-2 Valorization Grants from the fall round of 2012 to TU/e researchers. The researchers will be receiving a maximum of 200,000 euro towards making a technological invention appeal to commercial investors in two years’ time. Despite this success, none of the eleven smaller Phase-1 grants (of 25,000 euro) for feasibility studies were awarded to TU/e applicants.

One of the happy applicants is dr. Alexandra Suma (Built Environment), who received a Valorization Grant for IRWES, a system installed on the rooftops of high buildings that generates wind energy. Last year IRWES also received the Herman Wijffels Innovation Prize.

OneChipRadar by Reza Mahmoudi (Electrical Engineering) was also awarded a grant by STW. This project involves a radar system for 60 GigaHertz on a chip, including antennae, and the conversion of analog signals into digital ones.

The third Valorization Grant will be going to Maarten Steinbuch (Mechanical Engineering) for PRECEYES, an eye-surgery robot developed in his research group Control Systems Technology.

The fourth and final grant has been awarded to Chemical Engineering & Chemistry. With SPINID, main applicant John van der Schaaf wants to market chemical reactors based on the spinning-disk technology. Quickly-rotating disks the size of a DVD enable an optimum mix of fluids and gases as well as efficient heat removal.

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