Starting Grants voor biomedical research

Two TU/e researchers have been informed that their applications for the prestigious Starting Grant of the European research Council (ERC) have been approved. Remco Duits (Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics & Computer Science) will use the grant to further develop a technique for medical image analysis he devised. Dr. Sandra Hofmann Boss (Biomedical Engineering) wants to expose cultured bone tissue to mechanical loads in an attempt to learn more about osteoporosis.

Duits’ technique uses invertible scores to visually enhance the structure of tissue (including that of heart, brain, and retina). Automatic image enhancing software is known to have serious trouble recognizing crossing patterns (such as intersecting lines), resulting in computers failing to properly recognize the structure of blood vessels or nerve bundles that the naked eye can spot easily in a blurry picture.
Sandra Hofmann Boss of Orthopaedic Biomechanics (Biomedical Engineering) will receive a Starting Grant to study how bone tissue adapts to mechanical loads by researching cultured bone tissue in a bioreactor. The pieces of bone are subjected to forces to see how they react. In healthy bones, the balance between bone-forming and bone-depleting cells is very delicate. Any disbalance may lead to skeletal conditions, like the common old-age ailment osteoporosis. For this project, Hofmann Boss wants to use a technique called micro-computed tomography.

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