Fourteen hopefuls Faculty Group University Council

TU/e faculty has an actual say next week: this year there are more candidates than there are positions in the University Council Faculty Group (PUR). The list has fourteen names, six of which are new. The Faculty Group has nine seats in the University Council. Currently, not all nine are taken.

Newcomers are Berty Vonken (Applied Physics, 1), Diana Heijnerman (EE, 2), ir. Stand Korzilius (Mathematics & Computer Science, 3), Jannelies Smit (Personnel and Organization, Chemical Engineering, 8), Maaike Riemerska (Built Environment, 9), and dr. Roel Bloo. (Mathematics & Compuer Science, 10).

According to current chairwoman dr. Rianne van Eerd – fourth on the list – it’s no coincidence that the top three consists of new candidates. “We advocate new people in the University Council. Personally, I’ve tried my hardest to find as many candidates as possible, and I’m proud we’ve found fourteen.”

It’s important to have more candidates than seats, says Van Eerd. Not just because voting makes sense only then, but also since people often quit (elections are held every two years). “Because of withdrawal, retirement, and illness, there are currently only seven active members in the Faculty Group.”It’s been a while since there were more than ten or eleven candidates on the ballot, says the chairwoman. “And it’s not easy to find candidates, either. For researchers it’s especially hard to combine their work with a University Council position, since they’re required to write research proposals, teach, and conduct research. So now the list consists of supportive staff mostly, again. It’s too bad, really.”

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