Decision paid parking not until early 2014

University Council contacted an external lawyer to determine the say University Council has regarding the Mobility Plan. The plan was presented to the Council last Monday and states that staff members will be required to pay a two-euro daily parking fee starting mid 2014. Unions have already expressed their disapproval during IGO (institution-specific meeting). They want to consider alternatives.

Executive Board member Jo van Ham stated the reasons for the board to introduce paid parking at the University Council meeting last Monday. “We want a livable, sustainable campus, and this plan will discourage car use. In time, many parking sports will be removed and we’ll need multi-level parking lots (although it’s yet unknown when, ed.). We want to make sure we can afford these two plans without using money meant for education and research. That’s our priority. And as a university it’s important we support sustainability, so we have tp practive what we preach.”

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