Solar-powered triumphal tour straight across the outback

Take some twenty students from different Departments, eighteen months to design and build a solar-powered family car and take part in a race across Australia. The plan was ambitious and the result was magnificent. Last week Solar Team Eindhoven (STE) won the Cruiser class of the World Solar Challenge 2013 with Stella.

Three thousand kilometers in six days, purely on solar energy – topped up with merely 64 kWh (the equivalent of seven liters of gasoline) from the grid. In a car holding three passengers on average and featuring a spacious boot. Excellent publicity for electric transport and a welcome promotion for TU/e.

Cursor reported on the race from a distance via our website and social media. One more time we look back on the special events Down Under. Team manager van STE Lex Hoefsloot gives us a stage-by-stage glimpse into the Australian adventure of his team.

Read the entire article in Cursor 4 (page 2)

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