Executive Board: clickers not unlawful

Should the sixty euros students pay for their clickers be part of their tuition fees, or is it course material? The Eindhoven Student Council (ESR) feels the former is the case, and for that reason argues that clickers cannot be mandatory. The Executive Board, on the other hand, doesn’t agree: a clicker is course material, as are books and lab coats.

ESR thinks the clickers are unlawful, which is why it decided to write a letter to the Executive Board seven weeks ago. “The Law on Higher Education and Scientific Research states that students should be able to pass all their courses after they’ve paid their tuition. Said information was provided by the legal assistance department of student union LSVb”, says Lucas Otten, chairman of the Student Council until April 1. “Pretests with clickers are good for at least thirty percent of the final exam results.”

ESR suggested several alternatives in the letter, the most desirable of which concerns a deposit. “Have students pay a sixty-euro deposit and return it to them after they’ve completed their bachelor’s degree - or master’s, should the Graduate School use clickers as well.”

At last Monday’s University Council meeting (March 31), the Executive Board gave a first reaction to ESR’s letter: a clicker is considered course material, just like books, lab coats and notebooks. The board promised to respond in writing soon. “We can’t wait”, says Otten, who’ll pass on his position as chairman to Anne van Eeden on April 1.

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