UC | Breaking news: Market value old clickers rising!


Let’s take a trip down memory lane: remember when you started here at university and you could finally pick up your new laptop? All new and shiny and you even got to take it home in a ‘fashionable’ bag. To top it all off, you were provided with a clicker. You’re told it’ll be used for quizzes in class all the time. All the time turned out to be a bit of an exaggeration: I used the clicker exactly three times in my entire Bachelor’s. Once I started my Master’s it disappeared into the back of a drawer - the Graduate School doesn’t use clickers…

Older generations before 2014 had to pay 60 euros for their own clicker. Newer bachelor students are luckier: the TU/e provides them with clickers at no additional cost. After finishing their Bachelor’s they hand it back in, so it can be used by another student. As only the Bachelor College uses clickers, a lot of them are abandoned in drawers in student’ rooms all across Eindhoven. That’s why STU set up an action together with Groep-één to collect these clickers this summer. Cause we'll still be needing those clickers the next few years, even though rector magnificus Frank Baaijens recently stated TU/e will eventually stop using them.

How can you return your clicker?
If you are a master student starting from next year, or if you have already finished your studies, you can return your clicker either at the ICT Services Student in MetaForum (between June 21st and August 30th) or at your study association (between June 21st and July 14th). Please note that:
1) Your clicker should still work; you need to be able to turn it on.
2) The sticker at the back should be readable (otherwise it can’t be reassigned).
3) It should look decent.

What do you get in return?
-If you return your clicker at the ICT Services Student, you get a 20 euros gift card for
-If you return the clicker at your study association, you get a 10 euros gift card for and 10 euros credit at your associations’ bar. (If your association does not participate, you simply get the 20 euros gift card).

I’m saying goodbye to my clicker. Time for a new owner, who’ll hopefully use it more than I did. In fact, the entire Groep-één fraction is returning it, because after a year of classes and meetings we could really use a couple of cold beers. Are you joining us? After this well-earned summer break, the university council will take off again and we will do all we can to make the TU/e an even better place for all students!

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