E-bikes available for testing

Over the last few days, several employees have enjoyed a test ride on an electric bike in the spring-like sunshine. Upon handing over their staff pass they were free to take a test ride on one of the electric bikes with pedals that can be purchased at a discount. Nine models are on offer, including a cargo bike. Supplier piECObello will be on campus with their bikes the whole week between 12 and 2PM.

Although there were no long lines in the MetaForum Markthal yet, the three piECObello representatives were answering questions and instructing those bold enough for a test ride non-stop. Beside the bike supplier, the TU/e mobility team was present to provide information on the various arrangements available for staff members who want to purchase an ‘e-bike’. “They can use part of their gross salary via the bicycle plan, TU/e can finance the bike in advance, and two hundred people can join the B-Riders arrangement set up by the province of Noord-Brabant.”, says Floor van der Heijden of the Mobility Team. The latter option allows users to be refunded up to one thousand euros by registering the number of kilometers you’ve traveled with an app.

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