"Silverstone prepared us well for German race"

Last weekend, University Racing Eindhoven (URE) has been able to practice for the race in Germany in a week and a half, which is considered the world cup for university teams. Of the one hundred competitors at Silverstone, the Dutch team came in 14th. On top of that, the team nabbed first place in a separate class that judged all designs for 2015.

Nick Adriaans, overall tech manager at University Racing TU/e: “We’ve finished in 14th position now, but in England both fuel-powered and electric cars compete in the same race. In other competitions, those categories race separately. So, considering we came in fourth of 25 electric cars, and second of cars with rear-wheel drive, we didn’t do too shabby.” URE has mentioned previously they want URE09 to be the very best two-wheel drive car in the Formula Student competition. “We didn’t win this time, but I still believe we can make it into the top five of electric teams”, says Adriaans.

Out of 21 teams, the jury was most impressed by the design for URE10. The English track is the only place the designs for next year will be assessed. In 2015, URE hopes to compete with a four-wheel drive car for the first time as well.

The final ranking will be available after the Formula Student competition. URE has yet to compete in Spain and Germany. According to Adriaans, the race in Germany ‘is the most important event’. “Teams are selected, not everyone is allowed to participate. Quality and professionalism are just higher, too.” In a little less than two weeks’ time, the time has to be fully prepared for the race. “We’ll be looking into the best settings for the dynamic events, among other things. For example, the autocross – an 1,100-meter track – requires different adjustments than the acceleration or endurance test. For the latter test, cars have to race 22 kilometers as fast and efficiently as possible. We actually finished on that part of the competition in England this year; we didn’t make it last year.”

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