Setbacks don’t shake morale ice church team

Frozen tools, unhinged anchors, thaw, and snow storms: the builders of the ice church in Juuka, Finland had it all. They were dealt another blow this weekend, when a gust of wind destroyed more than half of the highest tower and severely damaged the inside balloon. But the team has git itself together again and continues with seemingly inexhaustible optimism.

The balloon has since been repaired, put back into the crescent, and re-inflated, after which the hosing team could continue their work. The framework for the nave is suspended at the same time, so it can be doused in ice as well. Temperatures have dropped to well below zero, so the sign ‘too hot to work’ has been removed. The team doesn’t expect the incident to cause any delay.

The mayor of Juuka is a regular at the building site. He’s included the church in a tourist program.

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