Hoofdgebouw survey for students

What brought TU/e students to Hoofdgebouw, and what will make them visit the renovated bulding? Which TU/e buildings are their favorites, and why? DH hopes to answer these questions with the help of a survey created by two students of Psychology & Technology.


TU/e’s Hoofdgebouw closed its doors last December and will be renovated over the next few years. Frederique Kroos, student of Psychology & Technology, says the building has always looked “a little gloomy” before its closure. “Many students only used it as a shortcut to get from MetaForum to Auditorium and vice versa.”According to Kroos and fellow student Jette Kruijtzer, the university hopes to invigorate the Hoofdgebouw. “It’s still one of the main buildings on campus, and it should radiate ‘TU/e’. “And that won’t happen without students”, says Kroos.

Mirjam van Rooij of DH tells us about 'the red carpet' at gangway level of the new Hoofdgebouw. "They're red stairs that pass several public areas. Think of lecture rooms, meeting rooms, and study areas. Kind of  a public column inside the building." Well, semi-public, Van Rooij adds: "Two departments will be housed in the building as well, of course." She refers to Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences and Industrial Design, who will move to the Hoofdgebouw after renovation is completed, along with all TU/e services.

DH hopes to find out what could presuade students to go up the red stairs, rather than continue to the Auditorium or MetaForum. Kroos and Kruijtzer have talked to both DH and students, which has resulted in a survey that should determine what students look for in a campus building, and the Hoofdgebouw more specifically. The results will be analyzed and reported to DH. According to Van Rooij, the university definitely wants to use their advice for further design of the Hoofdgebouw.

Kroos and Kruijtzer's questionnaire is part of a case for Intermate. The study association offers cases for students set up with various companies and organizations, each with a 100-hour workload. The money earned is used for the association's upcoming study trip to Brazil.

Find the Dutch survey here. For the English version, please go here.

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