Intro '17 | Tuesday night, barbecue night

Gigantic numbers of sausages, chicken on skewers, hamburgers and mega bins of salads and sauces have been procured by Mathematics & Computer Science study association GEWIS for Tuesday night. GEWIS organized a barbecue for five hundred persons. Surely life was far easier for study association CHEOPS from the Built Environment, as they just rented a mobile French fries van. Their aims are identical, though: lay a sound foundation for a visit to Stratumseind.


The precise numbers of the GEWIS shopping list are still to be provided, but you can trust them to be substantial. It is an almost military operation to organize an Intro for 370 Intro kids at Mathematics & Computer Science. Behind the scenes everything has been arranged down to the last minute, as the Cursor editor is told. And apparently not one single minute can be spared to mail those desired numbers. The job to give every kid, plus 86 daddies and mummies and all the volunteers a proper meal is a Herculean effort.

All right, then let’s try our luck elsewhere. At CHEOPS there is a queue of around 120 Intro kids with their backs facing the tap stationed in front of the Matrix building. All of their noses are pointed in the direction of Vertigo, in front of which a baker of French fries is doing his best to fill all the stomachs.

At Simon Stevin dinner is finished and a cover band is creating a lovely atmosphere. On the ground are some half-empty bins of fancy salads lying around. What catches our eye in particular is the wrappings of the tattoos among them. Somebody has been sticking to his heart’s content here!

Anyone who has missed the underlying idea: just send Cursor your best photo of a tattoo (by mail, private message on Facebook, via twitter or WhatsApp (06-274 33 650), and you may be lucky enough to win one of the amazing prizes.

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