Child care center in Luna will open early September

Korein Kinderplein hopes to open the doors of its new premises on the TU/e campus on September 4th. The child care center, previously known as De TUimelaar, is swapping the space it has occupied for years behind the Paviljoen for the ground floor of Luna.

For years the former TUimelaar ran eight baby and toddler groups. At present there are only five, and at the new location that number will be reduced to four. Over the past year they have been restructuring the children's groups in anticipation of the move, says Claudia Evers, cluster manager for the Eastern region at Korein Kinderplein; in addition, during the coming months a few children will move on to primary school. While the new premises are expected to be completed just before the start of the summer vacation, the child-care facility will continue to operate at its current location until early September. “At that site we plan to offer a complete service right up to the moment we close. Children and parents should really notice as little as possible of the impending move.” Evers has stated on a previous occasion that Korein Kinderplein is very keen to cooperate with other parties, especially those on campus. She hopes the new premises, in a higher profile position, will help achieve this aim. The internationals in the region are another area of interest. This comes partly in response to recommendations made by a Fontys student who recently charted the market, needs and wishes of non-Dutch parents - in particular knowledge workers. Among other things, Evers touches upon the explicit interest shown by internationals in their children's development. “At present our employees do not always have the right words in English to clearly describe developmental progress; with training we want to help them in this area.” Another finding was that as a rule knowledge workers are not that keen on the hot evening meal offered by Korein Kinderplein, but do consider a hot lunch important. “Perhaps at locations with a lot of internationals, we should consider replacing the lunchtime sandwiches with a hot meal.” What percentage of the TU/e client base is made up of internationals, Evers cannot say - purely because until now this detail has not been documented. “One of the recommendations in the report is that we start doing this, purely because it would enable us to better meet their needs.”

On June 24 the child care center is holding a reunion. For more information, see Facebook.

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