Executive Board turns Studium Generale out of Gaslab

The activities of Studium Generale (SG) in the Gaslab are coming to an abrupt end. Last week the Executive Board decided that the Gaslab will first be occupied by the Innovation Space around this summer and will then probably be fitted out for educational purposes. SG may be able to move its activities to Luna.

“We want to make a flying start with the Innovation Space”, is how Executive Board member Jo van Ham explains the decision. “Around the summer of 2018 it will be accommodated in Matrix, but that building needs to be refurbished first. We thought it was a good idea to start with it already, as there is a lot of enthusiasm. And this makes the Gaslab the most suitable location.”

The Innovation Space is a platform for students, student teams, student entrepreneurs and researchers to work together in multidisciplinary teams. The aim is through a scientific approach to come up with innovative solutions to contemporary issues, in cooperation with enterprises and organizations.

Head of SG Lucas Asselbergs qualifies it as “snappy news, for SG and the TU/e community as a whole. As SG we have been building fourteen years to optimize the Gaslab as a podium for SG activities. It is also being used by student cultural associations, study associations and many other parties within TU/e to organize special events”.

The Plint of Luna (the two lowest floors of the building) may be a possible alternative for SG activities. “It holds attractive prospects for a new TU/e cultural center with both professional culture and the cultural associations.”

Whether this also implies that fewer activities will be planned is a question which the head of SG cannot answer for now. “At any rate we are going to organize a few more great programs in the Gaslab. Fortunately we are recognized as a club that makes an important contribution to culture on the campus. The raison d’être of SG is not linked one-on-one with the Gaslab.”

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