Laetitia Ouillet director of Eindhoven-Utrecht collaboration

Laetitia Ouillet, director of the strategic area Energy at TU/e, has been appointed director of the alliance between the universities of Utrecht (UU), Eindhoven (TU/e) and the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU). Ouillet thus becomes the leading light for the collaboration, announced earlier this year by the three organizations.

The universities and the medical center aim to accelerate and intensify their combined research, a venture in which the parties are investing a total of ten million euros. They will be collaborating on the areas of porous materials, energy, vitality & sport, regenerative medicine and imaging. The parties are to develop new program lines with combined areas of expertise.

Ouillet is currently director of the strategic area Energy at TU/e, a role she will combine with that at the alliance. In her role as director, Laetitia Ouillet will be a key link in expediting research programs and she will act as a catalyst for new forms of collaboration between the institutions, also in the area of education.

The two universities and the UMC attach great value to future collaboration on research and combined study programs. Solutions to medical challenges increasingly lie at the interface of technology and medicine. UU, TU/e and UMCU want to use their collaboration on long-term initiatives to provide scope for existing and new research programs, and to work together on the development of unique research facilities.

Source: TU/e press team

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