Residents in the dark during Luna's official opening

Thirty-six hours without electricity, all due to a leakage in a bathroom. That fate befell residents of the Luna tower block on Thursday morning. For fourteen residents the outage lasted right through the weekend. They were transferred to vacant rooms until Monday afternoon, when their studios were released back to them.

On the day of the festive opening of residential tower Luna (formerly known as Potentiaal), last Thursday, the residents were plagued by technical difficulties. Owing to a leak in a bathroom, it was decided to take the precautionary measure of switching off the electricity throughout Luna's residential accommodation. The central lighting and elevators continued to operate normally, however. While engineers from Enexis tried to resolve the problems in the tower, the drinks party continued undisturbed on the ground floor.

Over the course of Thursday refrigerators were placed on every floor by the managing agent Camelot. Here the affected residents could store their perishable food items, explains Camelot's spokesperson Rianne Kole. β€œAnd at the end of the afternoon we invited the students to come and have a drink and a bite to eat at the opening reception.”

According to Kole, leaks were found in several of the prefab bathrooms, after which it was decided that they should be inspected by the main contractor before the power was switched back on. β€œEveryone did their utmost, but of course these things take time and safety is our first priority. By the end of Friday afternoon nearly all the rooms had been reconnected. The fourteen remaining residents were given other temporary accommodation in the building.”

On Monday afternoon the last rooms were made available to their residents and reconnected to the power supply.

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