Going home with a spring in your step after Vitality Week

The Student Sports Center is going to try to send TU/e employees home with a spring in their step. They are keen to raise staff awareness that it is healthy to move around during the working day, and that this can be easy to achieve. In recognition of the tenth Health Day, from now on known as Health Check, a full Vitality Week has been planned. Employees can take part in various easy-to-do activities, most of which do not even require sportswear.

During Vitality Week, to be held November 20 through 24, the activities you can participate in include a laughter workshop, lunchtime walks, and certain regular lessons in the sports center. SSC staff members Melissa Grunewald, Joyce Schonenburg and Frits Niemans have come up with activities to get you moving in your work breaks.

On Monday and Friday there will be lunchtime walks led by a guide. Anyone registering for the art walk will hear from Gerard Verhoogt, chairperson of the Art Committee, about the background to a couple of the special artworks in the TU/e grounds. “You can also join a walk with the GO Green Office. They will take you past places were sustainability is in evidence, such as the solar panels on the roof of the SCC and the geothermal storage system on campus,” says Grunewald. And she promises: “Eurest will be serving smoothies and the chef at De Zwarte Doos will be handing out wraps.”

For the under-40s too

The laughter workshop ‘Laughing for no reason’ will make the stress of everyday life drop away. Schonenburg advises participants not to eat ahead of the workshop. “The instructor says it can cause physical discomfort.”

As well as the customary Health Check 40+, which for the past ten years has gone by the name Health Day, this year there will also be a Fit Check. “This is for the under-40s and focuses more on general fitness. It will test endurance, strength and suppleness, for example,” says Grunewald.

All week long, there will be the chance to join the regular lessons like yoga, spinning, cardio core and more without needing a sport card. On Monday you can participate in an introduction to mindfulness. Advance registration is required.

Another service on offer during the week is to have a member of SSC staff drop by your office to give you a 15-minute fit break. Reaching and stretching at your desk. “This is on offer throughout the year,” says Grunewald, “but this week it is free. Otherwise the department pays 250 euros for ten sessions”.

Both Dutch and English versions of most activities, including the walks, will be offered.

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